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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Promoting Your Next Concert on Social Media

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 7, 2016 4:00:12 PM / by Amanda Smith posted in social media for bands, promoting concerts, ticket sales, musicians, fanbase, facebook events, bands, Insider, concerts, social media, fans

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So you've scored the gig - congratulations! Whether it's your first gig or your 1000th, this is a great accomplishment. But as you know, this is just the first step in making sure that it is an awesome show. In order for your gig to be complete, you need to let your fans (and future fans) know it's happening! Below is THE ultimate cheat sheet to promote your next concer on social media. 

1. Create a Facebook Event

Facebook events are a great first step to getting the word out about your concert! First, it allows you to host all the information in one place about your event (time, date, where to purchase). It also is a great free way to really pick up steam organically. How often do you see events pop up in your newsfeed that you saw friends were attending (and that you then attended)? The more people respond and are interested in your event, the more it will be seen by others. That being said, post and share the event as much as possible to capitalize on organic (FREE) reach!

2. Tell your fans and future fans


Let your fans know that you will be in their area in the future! If your show will be in the Boston area for example, you'll want to post on Facebook and Twitter letting them know you'll be in their area. Make sure to geo-target your posts (especially if they're paid*) so your reaching people who are in the area of the show you'll be in. It may also be beneficial to tell ALL your fans if you're going to a new area, so they can celebrate with you, but we wouldn't recommend putting any paid promotion behind those posts or tweets. 

*If you're running paid geo-targeted posts, target those with interests associated with your music genre and venue 

3. Make it easy to buy tickets

Here is the difference between gaining awareness of your concert and actually getting ticket purchases. You know you want your fans to come to your show, but the key is to make it really easy for them to purchase tickets. Most social media channels have great options for getting users to make purchases pretty easily. If a fan hasn't yet responded to your event and you want to increase ticket sales, here's a few key tips when posting and tweeting:

1. Tag your Facebook Event in your copy on Facebook (ex: @MyConcertatGigHall) and tag the venue and any other parties involved in your event. The more links to more information, the better

2. Post the link to the ticket purchase site in your post in a way that a user can click on the post and be sent to the ticket site directly. This is also known as a "Link Post" and is the easiest way to get your fans to the ticket purchase hub. 

*Leverage multi-product posts if you're going to be playing multiple shows in one region


4. Build Anticipation

Here's where it can get fun. Get your fans and future fans excited about your show and let your brand personality shine through! Creative ways to drum up excitement (and ticket sales) include but are not at all limited to:

1. Contests for free show tickets (get fans to tweet/post about you)

2. Post pictures/updates on the road on the way to a venue

3. Post sneak peeks of new songs or sets that fans might be excited to see

4. Let fans know when a limited number of tickets are available

5. Recap the night (or day!)

The last and final step is to thank and reward your fans for coming out to your show! You can interact with them on Twitter as they are mentioning you in their tweets, and you can post a recap photo or video gallery the next day, letting your fans know what a great show is was - and that hopefully you plan on being back! Using fan content by searching your bands name or keywords is also a great way to interact and engage concert go-ers.

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