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Local Spotlight: Alyssa Spector of Lysten Boston

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 10, 2016 2:39:16 PM / by Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith

This week, Social Soundcheck's local spotlight feature is Alyssa Spector of Lysten Boston! Check out some of her favorite local bands, venues, and tips for up and coming bands below!


Local Spotlight: Alyssa Spector of Lysten Boston


Where do you live in Boston? Cambridge, MA

What is Lysten Boston? Lysten Boston is a resource to build the Boston local music scene by booking and promoting local shows.

What is your go-to social media platform? Instagram seems to work well for me. Especially since I’m constantly posting photos from shows and my posters- it’s a good visual platform to reach a wide range of people (follow Alyssa on Instagram @LystenBoston)

What is the last concert you saw in Boston? Tigerman WOAH last night at Great Scott 

How do you discover new bands in the Boston area? I go to as many local shows as possible, check out local music blogs, and many bands contact me directly

What local band(s) do you think will ‘take off’ this year? Bearstronaut, Ruby Rose Fox, Tigerman WOAH, Radclyffe Hall

What local venue have you visited most often? Middle East- I pretty much live there. I book the Corner room every Monday and Wednesday, so I’m guaranteed to be there at least twice a week. I also love the staff there, so I find myself heading over there even if it’s a show I haven’t booked.

What do you think some local bands on the rise can do to be discovered? Play shows regularly and do your part in promoting those shows. Connect with other bands and be supportive of the local scene.

Any other tips for local Bands/independent artists? I think it’s important for bands to be flexible with the venues and days of the week that they’re willing to play. If they’re a newer band or just still building up their fanbase, they can’t expect to play Great Scott on a Saturday night- pay your dues and work your way up! It’s good to play shows consistently, but don’t play too often. More than once a month is too much- you need to space out the shows that you book. Communication is also very important, so be professional when you’re in contact with venues and booking agents. Include links to your website and social media pages, keep your messages short but clear, and answer your emails within a reasonable amount of time- don’t make people wait for days to hear back from you. Another important tip when playing shows: Stay until the end of the night, and don’t leave after your set! If you want to be respected by the bands you’re sharing a bill with, the venue, and others in the music community, then you have to support and respect them as well.


Great advice from Alyssa of Lysten Boston! Alyssa's goal is to make Lysten Boston the go-to resource for musicians, fans, and venues, by booking and promoting local shows. If you're interested in contacting Alyssa you can visit her website or email her!

Amanda Smith

Written by Amanda Smith