Meet our team

Social Sound Check was founded in Boston, MA by Amanda Smith. It all started with a business problem presented by her friends band - their song had made it into a 2 minute segment on a prime time television series, but they didn't know how to reach those who may have heard the song on the show and get them to listen to more of their songs! Not only was this an interesting challenge, but it was a fun one at that. Amanda realized there is a demand for bands to feel empowered to share and promote their success, while also being as efficient as possible on social platforms without wasting valuable band dollars. And so then, social sound checking was born as an essential step to getting the best performance on social for bands!

Amanda Smith


With a love for all and every kind of music and with the appreciation of the power of social media, Amanda knew that combining the two would only prove to be successful. She loves meeting (and listening) to new musicians and getting them to their greatest potential on social media! She knows that every band is unique and has their own set of challenges, but that's what she likes best about the gig. Ouside of her business, she enjoys teaching group fitness classes and binge watching Marvel shows on Netflix.